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nuron fibre sensing technology is a step-change for sewer monitoring, it's not 'spot' but 'continuous' in-pipe sewer monitoring with in-built networking capabilities to transform wastewater infrastructure and build smart cities of the future.

Continual Monitoring & Communications

nuron fibre sensing technology gives sewer and wastewater operators the ability to not only monitor ‘down manhole’ spot flow, but continuous ‘in pipe’ condition. Through continuous in-pipe monitoring, real-time control is possible. By measuring multiple parameters at the same time, every 5m along a sewer network, it enables potential incidents to be accurately diagnosed, alerted, rapidly localised and averted.

nuron fibre sensing technology is the only patented dual-purpose product on the market. The fibre containment system is a unique design sensitive enough to sense environmental changes, yet robust enough to withstand harsh environments. It also provides networking capacity for the integration of existing sensors, telemetry and communications at high-speed over fibre broadband.

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How It Works


Spot Sensors vs. nuron Continual In-Pipe Sensing

 nuronSpot monitors
Power SupplyAbove groundIn sewer
CommunicationsSecure networking via fibreRelies on wireless coverage
ReachMany kmSingle location
CoverageContiguous, man-entry and non-man-entryAccess points only
LifeMaintenance free for 20+ years5-7 year life
Data AccessAnywhere along the cablePre-defined locations
MeasurementsDepth; velocity; flow rate; temperature; structural integrityDifferent sensors usually required for different variables, but no structural monitoring