make nuron make sense

nuron fibre sensing technology has several areas of novelty which make it unique and beneficial solution for the global wastewater industry.

Digital Innovation is just one area (of many) currently being explored by Water Companies to provide enhanced customer service whilst keeping water bills affordable. What every other digital innovation has in common is the need for smart data, dense data and real-time data; or they are limited by the current communications infrastructure.

The nuron nervous system is the only key to unlocking the full potential of ‘digital’ in your sewer network.


Not only does the nuron nervous system enable the transformation to a more proactive way of working for the water industry enabling social, environmental and economic benefits. We also provide the infrastructure for rolling out fibre to support FTTH, 5G and smart cities. In summary, nuron is the only patented, dual purpose system on the market.

We make fibre make sense for water companies, infrastructure builders, communications companies and you & me.

Benefits of a sewer nervous system

Flow Monitoring and System Maintenance

  • Real-time detection of blockage formation & infiltration
  • Targeted cleaning and maintenance
  • Facilitation of active control

Integrity and Security

  • Real-time detection of burst water pipes
  • Real-time alerts on sewer collapse and Rocking chamber lids
  • Detection of unauthorised material dumping


  • The nuron nervous system provides the network to move to a whole systems approach.
  • Dense, smart and real-time data enables digital twinning and smart networks.
  • Future proofs against the increased demand of data for IOT, 5G and smart networks.

Improved Customer engagement

  • Improved reputation by reducing environmental impact
  • Improved customer engagement
  • Driving improved customer behaviour with more data

Fibre deployment

  • Ease of installation & provides more certainty.
  • Uses existing infrastructure whilst removing reliance on traditional┬ácivils workforce.
  • Better Performance in a more secure environment.
  • Competitive Advantage. Faster time to market and non competing.