make infrastructure make sense

nuron fibre sensing technology is the only dual purpose technology on the market, not only providing a step change in wastewater monitoring but also providing the fibre infrastructure for smart cities, Fibre to the Home and 5G.

Challenges and Drivers

With the global population increasing by 83 million extra people per year; our ageing telecommunications networks cannot cope with the exploding data demand.

Only 13% of all homes in the UK are connected to full fibre.

Fibre infrastructure providers are looking for faster, more secure and more cost-effective ways to build more networks.

Share the cost of infrastructure deployment

Full fibre Infrastructure enables:

  • Smart cities
  • 5G
  • Digital transformations
  • Continued Innovation in the water network

Duct capacity enables water companies to connect existing telemetry and smart devices e.g. Smart pumps, IOT devices and Chemical dosing units.

nuron enables fibre companies to delivery with certainty using a new non-competing infrastructure in a more secure environment

Fibre Operators can now look forward to:

Ease of installation –  robotically installed removing reliance on traditional civils workforce

More secure network –  low intervention rates, secure sewer location

Cost-effective solutions – up to 5 x  faster and less disruptive than traditional civils construction