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nuron fibre sensing technology is the only dual purpose technology on the market, not only providing a step change in wastewater monitoring but also providing the fibre infrastructure for smart cities, Fibre to the Home and 5G.

With the Global population increasing by 83 million extra people per year; our ageing telecommunications networks cannot cope with the exploding data demand.

In 2018 only 4% of homes in the UK are connected to full fibre. With a demand to improve upon these numbers labour and traffic management mean that construction of new networks is exponentially increasing. Lower cost construction techniques can only be used in isolated or rural areas. Fibre infrastructure providers are looking for faster, more secure and more cost-effective ways to build more networks.

Extract from Forging full fibre broadband and 5G future for all:

Mandatory full fibre broadband for all new build homes and a new priority to connect hard-to-reach rural areas are key measures proposed in a national, long-term strategy for UK telecommunications.

The new approach is aimed at driving large-scale commercial investment in the fixed and wireless networks that are vital for the UK to remain globally competitive in a digital world.

The Future Telecoms Infrastructure Review (FTIR), announced as part of the government’s modern Industrial Strategy, proposes the changes that are needed to give the majority of the population access to 5G, connect 15 million premises to full fibre broadband by 2025, and provide full fibre broadband coverage across all of the UK by 2033. Full fibre infrastructure is vital to underpin 5G coverage.

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There are approximately 630,000km of sewer network in the UK.

About 70% of these have a diameter of 600mm or less (non-man entry) of which nuron can robotically install. Previous fibre installation techniques in man entry sewers have caused problems for sewers operators.

That is why nuron was created. We have created a solution that provides benefits to both industries.