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Here you will find useful facts and snippets of information to help you and your colleagues reference the challenges ahead


Disruption from flooding is costing the UK economy £1 billion per year, with 2.44 million properties at risk of flooding from rivers and the sea. Source: NNA

Each day water and sewerage companies in England and Wales collect and dispose of over 10 million tonnes of wastewater. Source: DEFRA

UK Water and Sewerage Company on average spend an estimated £10M in unplanned emergency call outs per year. Source: nuron research

Failures of the sewerage network can result in significant environmental impacts and sewer flooding of properties. In 2010, over 60 % of serious pollution incidents were caused by the failure of the sewer network. ( sewer collapse and combined sewer overflows). Source: DEFRA

Rewards and Penalties of £11M and £22M p.a. respectively are used as incentives by Ofwat on average, to ensure safe and clean operations of the waste water networks in the UK. Source: nuron research

With even a 1% savings on waste water totex figures, on average each WaSC can achieve £2M p.a. in savings. Source: nuron research