make PR19 make sense

show your colleagues how you can achieve PR19 business transformation and access a multi-million pound revenue stream to support it

Your Personalised Business Plan

nuron fibre sensing technology acts like a nervous system for the sewer, unobtrusively measuring flow, depth, temperature and structural integrity every 5m; enabling proactive and predictive management.

Using publicly available financial information, nuron will provide sewer operators with a complimentary bespoke business case to show how this technology implemented within a network during AMP7 could help achieve significant operational, financial, commercial and reputational goals by the end of this period.

To show colleagues how you can achieve PR19 business transformation with nuron and potentially access a multi-million-pound revenue stream to support it, ask for your personalised business plan. Email:

Your Plan Will Demonstrate

Operational Goals

  • Visibility of 20+% of your sewer network & 3rd party contractors working in these regions,
  • Significant reduction in risk against the unpredictable expected increased costs of maintain your network, leaving you prepared for long-term challenges,
  • Improved network wide modelling & business insights on 100% of the sewer network,
  • Certainty around achieving all related ODI’s and confidence in target setting for PR24,
  • Improved customer service and engagement.

Financial Success

  • Wastewater TOTEX reduction of between 10% to 30%,
  • Reduction in wastewater OPEX of 15% to 30% per year,
  • Project IRR or between 15% to 30% (pre-leverage),
  • Multi-million pound revenue stream.

PR 19 Methodology

  • Great customer service,
  • Affordable bills for all,
  • Innovation and new ways of working,
  • Long-term resilience in the round.

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