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nuron fibre sensing technology is a step-change for sewer monitoring, it's not 'spot' but 'continuous' in-pipe sewer monitoring with in-built networking capabilities to transform wastewater infrastructure and build smart cities of the future.

Continual Monitoring & Communications

nuron fibre sensing technology gives sewer and wastewater operators the ability to not only monitor ‘down manhole’ spot flow, but continuous ‘in pipe’ condition. Through continuous in-pipe monitoring, real-time control is possible. By measuring multiple parameters at the same time, every 5m along a sewer network, it enables potential incidents to be accurately diagnosed, alerted, rapidly localised and averted.

nuron fibre sensing technology is the only patented dual-purpose product on the market. The fibre containment system is a unique design sensitive enough to sense environmental changes, yet robust enough to withstand harsh environments. It also provides networking capacity for the integration of existing sensors, telemetry and communications at high-speed over fibre broadband.

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What Makes nuron Unique?

  • Measurement of flow depth, velocity and temperature at ALL locations and ALL times along a section of sewer,
  • Spatial resolution of 5m over a length of at least 10km,
  • Smooth ragging-free containment system compatible with existing sewer operations,
  • Less than 1% space occupancy in sewer pipes,
  • Robotic installation giving retrofit access even to small diameter pipes,
  • Additional networking fibre to address branched networks and deliver networking capability.

Spot Sensors vs. nuron Continual In-Pipe Sensing

  nuron Spot monitors
Power Supply Above ground In sewer
Communications Secure networking via fibre Relies on wireless coverage
Reach Many km Single location
Coverage Contiguous, man-entry and non-man-entry Access points only
Maintenance & Life Minimal Maintenance for 20+ years Regular maintenance for 5 – 7 years
Data Access Anywhere along the cable Pre-defined locations
Measurements Depth; velocity; flow rate; temperature; structural integrity Different sensors usually required for different variables, but no structural monitoring