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Making infrastructure make sense

The future of our infrastructure needs to be digital to achieve the move to net zero and meet the demands of climate change, increasing populations, aging assets and distributed generation. ​​

Future proof and reliable communications and quality data are the foundation for any successful digital transformation.  nuron combines state of the art passive fibre sensing, tailored to a utility’s specific requirements, with a secure and future proof fibre network to deliver intelligent infrastructure, with the option to earn additional revenue for the utility owner. ​​

We both develop solutions and provide services for our customers. 

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Resilient solutions for a sustainable future

Solutions for infrastructure operators

Our first Infratech Solution, a unique globally-patented wastewater monitoring and fibre deployment system, is proven in the field and we are developing several large-scale deployment projects mainly in US and EU. 

In pipe fibre solution diagram with nuron dashboard

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  • Stop pollution, save carbon and energy
  • Unlimited data and communications infrastructure for digital transformation
  • Proactive management, leading to predictive management.
  • Management information for investment decisions.



  • Proactive operations are at least 40% more efficient than reactive.
  • 10 x more cost effective than building new assets
  • Monitoring as a service, no high CAPEX barrier
  • Potential to earn a new revenue stream from your assets 



  • Intelligence to stop pollution, reduce power and measure benefits
  • Reduce carbon impacts by avoiding or deferring asset upgrades & operating proactively.
  • Centrally managed and powered passive sensor, no batteries or sensors estate to manage and refresh. 

We are also developing solutions for other infrastructure businesses to support their digital transformation.  

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Services for technology providers

nuron data dashboard example

nuron Infratech Services was established in 2020 from requests to apply our diverse skills mix to address supplier challenges and those of end customers.  We take a scientific and structured design-led approach to solve complex technical problems on commercial timescales.  

We have customers across water, energy, building management, and communications sectors.

We are an aligned development partner who will work collaboratively with your business without distracting your teams from your critical BAU activities.   

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