Its time for our festive competition

Did you know that women can buy 11,000 tampons and towels in a lifetime? Unfortunately, a large proportion of these ends up in our sewers. We know that anything other than the Three P’s result in blockages, pollutions and sewer flooding. However, even if we manage to not flush these, then they end up at a landfill site. The speed at which tampons decompose is extremely slow and can take up to 450 years.

There are a few menstrual cups on the market that are combatting this wasteful cycle. One of which is Organicup. “OrganiCup is a more sustainable, convenient and healthy period product. It’s made from 100% medical grade silicone; free of any harmful chemicals and it doesn’t absorb natural secretions – minimizing irritation and dryness. Besides being healthier, OrganiCup is also better for our planet. It’s reusable and lasts for years, which means you save the environment for a great amount of waste.”

This Christmas we are sharing the love for our sewers and planet by giving away a number of Organicups. To be in with a chance of winning your very own Organicup then follow the instructions below:

  1. Like, share or comment on this post, or
  2. DM/inbox one of the nuron team with your details.

Competition closes on the 20th December! Winners will be contacted directly over the Christmas period, and you will receive your cups in the New Year.

We would love for some follow-up and quotes a few months down the line, so do let us know if you are willing to provide some feedback.