From lab to the real world, nuron are doing it

This week, we’re excited by Richard Luxton’s recent WWT article ‘Moving Sensors From The Lab To The Real World’. Why? Because not only are we doing it, we’ve incorporated the two challenges he hails as the future for wastewater management:

  1. Integrating ultra-sensitive sensing into a viable product
  2. Remote monitoring – smart sensing networks and connectivity to the cloud

nuron fibre sensing technology is a step-change for sewer monitoring, it’s not ‘spot’ but ‘continuous’ in-pipe sewer monitoring and is the only dual-purpose product of its kind on the wastewater market.

The fibre containment system is a unique design sensitive enough to sense environmental changes, yet robust enough to withstand harsh environments, it measures multiple parameters (depth, flow and temperature) at the same time, every 5m along a sewer network, sending unique measurement data back to a remote control and analytics centre, enabling potential incidents to be accurately diagnosed, alerted, rapidly localised and averted.

And the dual purpose? nuron fibre sensing technology also provides networking capacity for the integration of existing sensors, telemetry and communications at high-speed over fibre broadband equipping wastewater operators with a fibre sensing network to securely and reliably connect to the cloud; build SMART infrastructure and cities of the future.

Richard’s article concludes ‘only by validating new technologies will we have reliable, cost effective sensors for smart monitoring’. We couldn’t agree more.

Working in partnership with experts in Optical Fibre Sensing and Networking, Sewer Engineering and Fluid Dynamics from the University of Sheffield, nuron are now out of the lab working with UK wastewater authorities. In 2018, nuron will demonstrate the world’s first ever continuous fibre sensing technology for the wastewater industry and how our innovation will help deliver not only Opex and Capex efficiencies, but provide the insights to deliver even better customer service and resilient networks prepared for long-term challenges.

Want to know more? Read Richard’s article here or contact us for a product demo.