Introducing Resilience into the workforce.






The team at nuron took some time out recently to work with the young pupils of St. Marks, Church of England, Primary school. It was a fun and messy event teaching the kids about the importance of our sewer network, how we neglect this sometimes-overlooked infrastructure and the impact to the environment if we flush anything other than the three Ps.

Teaching the next generation about the importance of STEM is the very reason Little STEMs ( were set up. Working to inspire and educate the next generation of engineers is important to us at nuron and a priority for the industry as a whole.

A common challenge evident across the recently published business plans is the future skills shortage facing the industry. Water companies are expecting a quarter of their workforces to retire in the next 10-15 years. Whilst we know that technology is a large part of the solution to the current challenges facing the industry we need to ensure that we have a skilled workforce in place to drive and deliver the transformation which new innovations enable.

The team at nuron is excited about working in partnership with Little stems at future STEM take over mornings!