A Step Change In Sewer Monitoring

Today, nuron (www.nuron.tech) announce the launch of their next generation fibre sensing technology, a step change for sewer monitoring, measures multiple flow parameters continually within a sewer network and communicates real-time data to wastewater operators for proactive and predictive management.

Operators of sewer networks aim to continually improve the management of their assets to deliver better customer service and reduce the risk of environmental incidents such as flooding and outflow events, against a backdrop of increasing pressures from climate change and urbanisation. Enter nuron (www.nuron.tech), a company started in 2015 by Mike Ainger and Mark Rutherford, joined in 2016 by Managing Director Claire Fenwick, to specifically address the challenge associated with climate change for wastewater infrastructure and operators.

With the help of Sewer Engineering and Fluid Dynamics experts including the Pennine Water Group (a leading urban water engineering research group in the UK) at the University of Sheffield, nuron have developed and patented a next generation fibre sensing technology for the wastewater industry.

nuron fibre sensing technology gives sewer and wastewater operators the ability to not only monitor the ‘down manhole’ spot flow provided by current generation sensors, but for the first time, continuous ‘in pipe’ condition and flow. By measuring multiple parameters at the same time, every 5m within a sewer network, it allows potential incidents to be rapidly localised, accurately diagnosed and resolved averting customer, public or environmental impact (Fig 1).

Fig 1: nuron fibre sensing technology – how it works

nuron fibre sensing technology is the only dual-purpose technology of its kind. It not only transforms existing sewer and wastewater monitoring capabilities, but includes capacity for the integration of existing sensors and telemetry to create a comprehensive management network.

‘Effective monitoring, real-time data and reliable networking are driving a transformation in the way sewers are managed. nuron technology makes proactive and predictive management possible’, says Claire Fenwick, nuron’s Managing Director (Fig 2), ‘Our fibre sensing technology enables smart sewers and smart decision making. Wastewater operators can now plan more efficient operations, target capital expenditure, reduce flooding incidents and fines. The end goal? Better customer service and improved water quality for all.’

Fig 2: nuron management team. From left to right: Paul Dickenson Technical Director, Claire Fenwick Managing Director, Louise Keogh Commercial Manager.