Sydney Water and nuron collaborate

nuron Limited announce Sydney Water has entered into a collaboration with nuron Limited to be part of the world’s first implementation project of nuron’s game-changing sewer monitoring technology.

Sydney Water is Australia’s largest water and wastewater service provider.  An increasing population is one of the many reasons Sydney Water continues to innovate and form collaborations that seek out new ways of providing resilience in their wastewater infrastructure, making it possible to continue supplying a sustainable service while meeting the needs of a growing Sydney.

nuron’s distributed, in-pipe fibre sensing technology, which measures multiple parameters along the entire length of a sewer, will provide an opportunity to transform wastewater operations by improving services and value to the customers. This project, which includes an installation in a live operational sewer in Northumbrian Water’s network, is an opportunity for Sydney Water to gain real-time, sewer data to improve its services.

Says Claire Fenwick, nuron’s Managing Director:

‘Sydney Water is an innovative company, always exploring new ways to do things better, ensuring resilient and sustainable wastewater infrastructure for customers and the generations to come. Sydney Water is engaged with nuron and its partners. This is an exciting relationship as we share a vision for transforming sewer network operations enabling significant social and environmental benefits.’

Says Paul Higham, Head Service Planning and Asset Strategy Sydney Water:

‘Sydney Water is always seeking innovative ways to better manage our water and wastewater systems to provide better services to customers. Working with nuron and their collaborative partners will help us to see better ways to monitor and manage the performance of our wastewater systems.’

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