Make wastewater
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Evidence shows increasing rainfall, population and urbanisation is causing flooding and discharge from ageing and overloaded sewers. nuron helps wastewater operators address challenges and improve performance.

Challenges and Drivers

Against a backdrop of increasing populations, urbanisation and unpredictable rainfall patterns and ageing assets; Water companies need to find efficiencies in how they manage their wastewater infrastructure.

Water companies are looking for innovative new ways to improve customer service (including reducing flooding and pollution incidents), provide affordability for all and deliver future proof and resilient networks.

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To mitigate against these challenges a solution is needed to provide network-wide real-time data to sewer operators

nuron provides a sensing solution that converts your network to a managed digital system delivering:

  • Multiple parameters enabling reliable and accurate visibility
  • Identification of blockages & infiltration to pipe length
  • Actionable insights into customer behavior and security events



nuron enables water companies to control the network, improve efficiencies and environmental performance


  • Real-time data and control for proactive and predictive management,
  • Increased capacity for networking legacy sensors, telemetry and communications,
  • A fast speed fibre backbone for future smart city initiatives.


  • Better use of capacity and deferred expansion costs,
  • Avoidance of OFWAT and environmental penalties,
  • Less than 5% of the construction cost of a new sewer.


  • Address climate change and protect the environment,
  • Cheaper and more environmentally friendly than building traditional networks,
  • Exceptional service and peace of mind for customers.

Reactive to Predictive Management

Our continuous in-pipe fibre sensing technology replaces reactive solutions of the past with real-time detection and precise localisation capabilities, enabling proactive sewer maintenance and predictive sewer management.

Water and utility operators can now look forward to:

  • operational efficiencies and improved business case planning
  • cost savings including lower compensation costs due to reduced flooding,
  • capital expenditure deferral with a long term ‘totex’ approach to infrastructure investment
  • a reputation for sustainability and environmental protection.

Reactive, Proactive, Predictive

Flow Monitoring

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Integrity and Security

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Enabling Digitisation

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Customer Engagement

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